Monday, February 14, 2011

New Brew

Hi all,

I finally again am looking at making a home brew. Who wants to help me decide what to make? I am open to suggestions for types of beers and also on the ingredient specifics.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A-B InBev + SABMiller Merger Possibility?

Hooray for independent analysts jumping ahead of either company in speculation.

Also, check out this spreadsheet if you intend to avoid buying from the "Big Two" via the BeerAdvocate Forums.

The United States of Beer

GOOD takes on the challenge of representing craft breweries around the country on a map.  Choices were based on reader recommendations.  This all, of course, happened after another map was made by the Houston Press that included such delights as Keystone Light and PBR...

The only problem with the new one is that apparently Bell's completely blew other Michigan brewers away for the easiest win.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

How Beer Saved the World

I've often thought to myself that beer is one of the greatest inventions. I always thought that just because of how damn good it tastes, and it turns out I was right, but for the wrong reason. A couple of weeks ago, a program aired on Discovery Channel called How Beer Saved the World. I missed it, but fortunately I found it online. This program is pretty insightful on how beer played a part in human history, and its importance in the advancing of civilization. While some parts of it are a bit of a stretch, most of it seems to be sufficiently and scientifically supported. I really think that if this show was segmented into different episodes and more time was spent on specific periods in time, it could be much more convincing. Nevertheless, if you enjoy beer at all, this program will keep you smiling and educated. I would highly recommend grabbing a beer at watching it now. Cheers.
Here is the link below: